Ready for the TEDx Stage?

"You should do a TED talk!"

How many times have I been told this? Countless.

Most recently, this week, by a total stranger on a bus. A stranger with a tragic story that defies imagination.

I boarded the bus mentally preparing a proposal for work following a networking meeting I had just left. I asked a woman if I could sit in the seat next to her and we chatted socially for what I hoped would be a moment until I could start writing my proposal. She asked me 'what do you do?' and my response--"I'm a Coach, I help people with personal transformation"-seemed to unleash the trauma-based yearning in her to feel better. Her story came pouring out about the untimely and horrific death of her beloved adult son. Having a daughter close in age to her deceased son, I breathed, thanked Gd for my daughter's well-being and turned towards her to listen actively.

Two and a half hours later, through tears, she thanked me for helping her do something she had not been able to do in more than a year--feel better. 

And that's when she said it: "You should do a TED talk, you are the real deal."

I told her the same thing I tell everyone who says that to me: "In my mind, I'm on the TED stage!" But, the truth also came out, I haven't figured out my 'one thing.' I haven't honed in on the 'novel, groundbreaking, mind-blowing thought or idea' that the TEDx gatekeepers would want to promote.

But today, it happened. In a flash of the intuitive insight I have grown accustomed to sharing during a coaching session, I heard myself asking my client: "Are you willing to be happy?" And it hit me, that's it!

Is it novel, original, groundbreaking or mind-blowing? Well, in some ways yes, yes it is. How do I know this? Because when I typed just five simple words into google, I got 756,000,000 results. 

What were those five words? "I just don't feel happy."

So stay tuned for the upcoming TEDx talk: ARE YOU WILLING TO BE HAPPY?™


If you are a TEDx organizer, I'd love to hear from you. Here are my 3 main points and call to action:

1. My life from breakdown to breakthrough...stemmed from one thought: I ‘want’ to feel better than this [the breakthrough was getting to the feel-better place of I’m ‘willing’ to feel better than this]

2. How did I do it? Original Thought-Tools for Mindset Transformation: How much do you want it? Are you sure you’re willing to have/receive?

3. Don’t wait to feel better, take A.C.T.I.O.N. now [stems from how badly you want it]


  • Think more [meditate! pray! rest!]

  • Move your body, get your blood and energy flowing [play!]

  • Get soul-connected [use the Windows to the Soul options!]

  • Take action, now [try Giving, anything, to anyone!]

  • Imagine...from the willing-to-feel-better-place: What will your legacy be?