Do Something Terrifying

When was the last time you did something terrifying? Terrifying in the good way, as in “Oh my gosh, I’m really doing this?!” Can you think of anything in the last few or several years? Or was it when you were younger? Even for a person who, as an adult plays it safe and does not like risk, there was likely a time in your life that you did something like throw yourself rolling down a hill with other children, fearful heart-beating excitedly, laughing all the way down or danced wildly uninhibited at one Rave. Can you remember that feeling?

Often, as a momma-bear or momma-worker [someone who nurtures everyone else at work], we don’t feel we have the luxury of doing something exhilarating for ourselves; nay, we create and give those opportunities to others. If you go through the day tending to everything that ‘has to’ get done-from rising to retiring-consider doing something terrifying-in the good way. If you feel like a rote robot most days, I say: Momma, it’s Your Turn Now.

Feeling terrified to do something new or hard is a great activity for you to consider if you are in the second half of your life [which actually starts around age 43!]. Feeling terrified-in the good way-generates energy and excitement. It feels like enthusiasm bubbling over every day, it creates a secret-in-you that no one else can guess. It even creates endorphins. Endorphins create the hormone-high you get when you exercise. Yes, exercise, you know, when you run that 10k race or hit the court for a set of doubles? OK, I know that is laughable. Who has time to train for and run a 10k?

Some women get the exhilaration, the endorphins from sex-perhaps a more frequent activity earlier in your life; but some middle-aged or older women [many, most?] do not. If you are inspired, I encourage you to try this method of creating excited energy in your life! Have fun [be safe]! As an aside, when you bring excited endorphin-filled energy back in your life, your sex-life can benefit because you feel Hot [confident] and younger!

What are ways you can do something terrifying-in the good way? I’m doing it by writing a book. I have long had a book in me, but only recently gave myself permission [time, money, and energy] to go for it. It’s terrifyingly exhilarating. What if I succeed? What if I fail? It’s risk beyond my norm; I’m going for it. Now, I wake up every day with a new energy, a new purpose; one that is outside of my 30+ year career. You don’t have to write a book, but maybe you set a big activity, travel, weight or public speaking goal, commit to it heart-and-soul and go for it? Do that thing now! Do that thing that you’ve long wanted and long-suppressed. Don’t wait another moment. Feel the energy? It’s Your Turn Now.