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Passion + Purpose + Plan = Legacy


Do you feel Passion?

Are you on Purpose?

Do you have an action Plan?

Yes? Your Legacy is secured!

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You deserve a meaningful and lasting legacy by living a Confident-Life™ 


"I don't know anyone else who is doing what you're doing. You're extraordinary!" Last coaching conversation of 2017

PSSSST-Hey Business Owners! I've become the Accidental Expert on the Middle Aged Woman! If she's your customer, you want to speak with me!

“You are my Sherpa. After working with you over this past year, I can’t believe how different I feel now, totally confident knowing that I’m simply offering others an opportunity to do something meaningful. And it’s been fun, thank you.” Lauren Facher Iselin, Community Philanthropist & Volunteer

“Susan is a fabulous Coach who works to turn ideas into reality quickly. She is also a passionate and amazing motivational Speaker. Lela Waltz Montfort, Community Philanthropist

”Thank you! Thank you! For taking the time out of your very busy schedule to talk with me. I had a great deal of fun and am energized by the call. You truly made me reflect on where I am and what I want next for myself.”
Helen Selsdon

”Thank you for that conversation, and for your insights. I feel more clarity and more confident now in how I’m going to present myself and my new business!” Mikhael Star


For individuals, family business enterprises and business owners.

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Fundraising coaching for nonprofit CEOs & boards.

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Break through barriers that stand in the way of your success.

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