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"I don't know anyone else who is doing what you're doing. You're extraordinary!"

Last coaching conversation of 2017

Susan works with you to find clarity, facilitate confident goal attainment and live a more calm, balanced and joy-filled lifeCoaching is the methodology [how the work is done], Philanthropy is the tool [where the passion is found, helping you help others]. ... As a Coach, Consultant or Speaker, Susan helps clients create powerful connections, explore lasting legacies...and offers life-changing impact for anyone who wants to live a more meaningful life every day.

WHAT I DO:  I coach you to Confidence. Using appreciative inquiry, intuition and inspiration--easily and successfully accomplished in person or via telephone or online--I help you feel calm and find the success you seek. As we work together to Identify your Blocks, Breakthrough Barriers and Define Your Impact, I help you find your passion and turn it into a meaningful legacy. I do this by working with you in a co-active way. I don't give you answers, I elicit authentic responses that have you generating your own clear and true answers; answers you can count on to support your greatest desires, dreams, hopes and plans-in other words, your best life in a Total Success Package.

My specialty: I work with people who have a deep desire to impact our world. This is why I call myself a Legacy Coach. My work helps you get Confident, believe in yourself, find the Purpose you seek and make impact that will lead to a meaningful and lasting legacy long after you're gone. People who hire me are eager to grow.

“Susan is a fabulous Coach who works to turn ideas into reality quickly. She is also a passionate and amazing motivational Speaker. Lela Waltz Montfort, Community Philanthropist

”Thank you! Thank you! For taking the time out of your very busy schedule to talk with me. I had a great deal of fun and am energized by the call. You truly made me reflect on where I am and what I want next for myself.”
Helen Selsdon

”Thank you for that conversation, and for your insights. I feel more clarity and more confident now in how I’m going to present myself and my new business!” Mikhael Star


For individuals, family business enterprises and business owners.

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Fundraising coaching for nonprofit CEOs & boards.

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Break through barriers that stand in the way of your success.

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