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Here are some affirmation pix for you to use to get/keep the fit healthy body you desire. And scroll down below the pictures to an original Guided Meditation for your best body!

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Here is an original Guided Meditation for you to use

to honor your body:

“A Journey of Loving and Cleansing My Body” 

Take a moment to breathe.

Breathe in, breathe out.

Begin to clear your mind.

Breathe again.

Create an opening in your mind for quiet, for peace.

Come to consciousness about the blessing of your body. Without fail, your body is strong, it carries you through your day. Each part of your body has purpose, each part supports you. Breathe now and think a grateful thought about your body.

Take this moment to do a mental scan.

Start at your toes, the extension of your feet that offers balance; without them you wouldn’t be walking upright. Ten small digits, without which you would be off balance. When you are feeling ungrounded about anything in life, close your eyes for a second, breathe and focus on your toes. Bend your knees a little and feel the security of your feet on the ground.

Mentally scan your feet. They are the footing of your life, from your first step to the last step you took today, your feet have carried you. Breathe now and think a grateful thought about your feet.

Mentally scan up your strong legs, to your hips. Your hips are the foundation of your body. They hold the organs that allow you to become a mother. Honor your hips and all the organs and systems they hold up.

Think about the strong and solid lower half of your body, think about the blood and energy rushing soundlessly, flowing smoothly. Breathe now and think a grateful thought about your foundation.

Scan up now through your mid-section. The mid-section of your body holds all of your organs. Spend some time with these precious parts that give you life-your heart, kidney, liver, spleen and lung. You may not understand what each organ is or does, but it’s important to know-deep down-that each organ plays a role in the healthy functioning of your body. Think of a complex and interconnected highway system-picture the cars whizzing by, cars in unison rushing along, coming from someplace and going to someplace. This is how you can actually see the blood and energy flowing easily throughout your body.

There are pathways from organ to organ, can you see them? Picture these pathways now, clearly in a healthy flow. Imagine the organs as pitstops along the way, a carwash if you will; every stop clearing out, cleaning, scrubbing and leaving behind squeaky clean healthy living organs. Breathe now and think a grateful thought about your organs.

Continue up your body, now, to your upper back, shoulders and neck. Straighten your back now-picture the muscles up and down your entire back, strong and supportive. Bring your shoulders back and down and stretch your back. Feel the stretch and know this brings your body strength. Strength to support your midsection that cushions your organs, strength to walk upright for the rest of your life. Feel the difference in your mind, body and soul when you sit or stand straight from when your shoulders and back are hunched over [this happens when you’re watching tv, using your electronic device, or anytime that you are unconscious of your body]. Breathe now and think a grateful thought about your strong back that supports your upright body.

Move up your neck to your head, the head that holds your brain; there are literally billions of nerve cells and trillions of connectors there. Imagine the stars in the galaxy, endless, infinite. This is the power of your brain, if you know it, see it, feel it, feed it and protect it. Your brain gives meaning to the things that happen in you and around you, it controls thoughts and memory and speech and movement. Your brain controls your thoughts. You control your brain. You have the power to control your thoughts. When you think worried or uncomfortable thoughts about your body-inside or out-use the power of your brain to reframe these negative thoughts into loving and positive thoughts. Breathe now and think a grateful thought about your brain.

Breathe again.

Slowly scan down the body all the way back to your toes. It is now clean and strong and lovingly supports you every second that you are alive. You can do this scan at any moment; you do not need to be in a deep meditative space. Use the power of your thoughts to do a scan any time your thoughts turn to fear or worry or concern about your body. If you bring G-d into your thoughts with you, you will feel infinite love and support, always.

Breathe again, and put your hands over your heart and think one last grateful thought about your clean and strong body. When you’re ready, open your eyes and look around you, look out a window if you can.

Wiggle your toes and feel your balance.

Susan Axelrod, 2016


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