I help you see the future and guide you in that direction in a supportive and loving way.

Allegory Studios: Magician

Making the vision a reality.

“How did you do that?!” The Magician culture dazzles onlookers with grand ventures and a magical ability to accomplish whatever they set their minds to.

At a Magician organization, impossible is only a state of mind. They can transform your image, feelings, or perspective on just about anything. The Magician often finds its way into a consultancy, training, or coaching organization as they help clients change their outlooks on life.

I use these ideas to keep me mindful of the transformation I can offer clients and that I am serving my natural abilities in my work that keeps my offering authentic and impactful.

Magicians are also masters of the experience. From packaging details to signage and everything in between, every element counts. But, trying to pull a rabbit out of a hat every day can be exhausting, and big expectations can leave employees scrambling to accomplish impossible tasks.

I keep these challenges in mind as partners, colleagues, affiliates and clients find me. I don't want anyone who works with me to get exhausted or 'leave' from my 'big' expectations.

Other Magicians: Disney, MAC Cosmetics, Polaroid, Apple, Dyson

I align with and use the best of what I know of these companies/brands to keep me focused and on track; I let go of the worst that I know about these companies.


STRENGTHS ‣ They intuitively feel how an organization will react to a new idea ‣ They defend values, people will always come before profit ‣ They function as the relational oil inside the teams and organizations ‣ They are pragmatic realists who ask - "has this really been thought through?" ‣ They take genuine delight in celebrating the achievements of others and are natural team players.

These strengths help me remember what I do well, where I shine, how I can best help my clients.

‣POTENTIAL NEGATIVE IMPACT ‣ They can become overly resistant to change & demonstrate passive aggressive tendencies ‣ They rarely fully value the contribution they make.

I keep these in mind as I do my work, keeping me authentic and aware of bringing good and staving off bad. I use thought-transformation to help turn these negatives into positive outcomes.

‣CHAMPION OF… ‣ Champion of Relational Harmony, Values, and People

I keep in mind the things I champion, it offers me focus and clarity when I get caught in weeds.