The birth of something new: Middle Aged Hot Momma, It's My Turn Now

I want to be a Middle Aged Hot Momma. There, I said it!

Where on earth did that come from? A rightful place, to be sure. I dreaded waking up every day to 50+. I used to slump annually around my birthday, I think because I turned ‘old’ at a young age. Responsible and a leader since age 14, even my husband and I decided to ‘just get married’ at age 25 when we realized we already acted like an ‘old married couple.’ We did everything right; career-direction, married, house, dog, babies, join synagogue, volunteer, multi-task/balance…(falter).

When I turned 47, frantically I hired a life coach and then went into therapy to ‘deal with’ turning 50. I couldn’t bear it. I had just realized that 45 is actually ‘middle age’ and therefore I was on the downward side of life. Anxiety and depression had taken a toll, judgement was killing me [then, I thought I was being judged by others; now, I know I was judging myself]. I even judged myself for this ‘first world problem’ knowing how many others suffered just for food, or through illness or loss-what was my problem?

Good fortune had my primary doctor tell me that if I wanted to get off medication, I should go to the gym [I did]. Then, more good fortune landed my daughter moving home after college with a desire to become a personal trainer. My desire to have us connect personally in adult fun resulted in working together to get me from zero to a half marathon. That 13.1 day was a defining moment for me. From then to now-a 5-year path-I have found calm in my age, my place, my journey, my purpose. I am a Middle Aged Hot Momma! You?

Before you let the self-doubt demons shout denial, hear me out. A Middle Aged Hot Momma is connected to self-energy, comfortable in her own skin, has a prosperous mindset and a healthy life/style. Now, can you see yourself this way?

Break through negative self-speak to a better self-image, improve your self-talk! Learn about the concept that Thoughts Are Things [Prentice Mulford], things you can control if you have a desire to feel better. Controlled thoughts can be transformed from negative to positive to superlative. Then, turn your attention to your body. Not about how it looks, but rather how it feels. Do you feel fit and strong? Through desire and commitment to living a stronger, fitter life, you can motivate yourself to get off the couch, walk an extra mile, or lift a kettle bell. Next, visit with your soul. Explore Self through journaling; then have soul-filled conversations with people you love and trust, ask deep questions, share freely and listen openly.

If you desire a self-fulfilled and purposeful second half of life, consider joining the club of women consciously moving confidently through life. It’s 100% in your control if you choose.