Your Confident-Life Cycle

Fears abound:

Fear of things unknown, fear of things past, fear of ghosts, of failure, of loss, of pain, of death, even fear of success. These fears create emotional points that get triggered repeatedly, unexpectedly throughout life. Any negative emotion or attribute-anger, sadness, anxiety, depression, loneliness, self-loathing, apathy-can be attributed to a fear. If you drill down long enough, hard enough, honestly enough, you will find the fear. If you find strength to look it in the face, usually it is not as scary as you imagined. Darkness fosters evil; when you shed light [by facing fears], darkness fades and there is dawn.

Emotional Triggers happen:

Count on it; like death and taxes. As long as you are breathing, Triggers will shock you. They may be low voltage- ‘not enough to cause you injury or damage,’ or high voltage- ‘large enough to cause you injury or damage.’ But, sure as the world turns, that electrical impulse will tug or yank you. Understand this fact and find a calm life that you never imagined; a formerly elusive feeling of peace about self.

This knowledge gives you power…the power to take control, to feel in charge, to be who [and how] YOU want to be. It is soul-soothing. If you know that no matter where you are in the Confident-Life Cycle©, you will always be subject to an emotional Trigger, then you can be prepared.

The Cycle includes four stages:

The 4 C’s of a Confident-Life: 1. Calm [a place of Joy, the desired stage to spend the most time in a Confident-Life]. 2. Chaos [no matter how much joy you may be experiencing, eventually a Trigger always gets pulled and Chaos erupts]. 3. Consciousness [when you realize you are in Struggle; coming to conscious awareness; realizing that you are spiraling in darkness]. 4. Confidence [committing to the ‘work,’ finding and using Tools that bring you calm: therapy, meditation, prayer, gratitude or forgiveness work, creativity, exercise, nature, or medication. Experiment, experiment, experiment; never stop trying to find the Tools that work to support your best Self in real-time (the tools that work for you may change over time). These Tools and commitment to Self can help you feel that you are confidently taking charge of your life and that things are in your control].

Ultimately, the goal is NOT to cut out the Trigger stage [do not attempt the impossible], but rather to cut short the Struggle stage that stems from the Trigger. Become aware of what triggers you and starts you spiraling downward and feel what it feels like to be in struggle. Get to and through consciousness more quickly by committing to and doing the ‘work’ and accessing your tools. Then, consciously turn the cycle forward towards Joy, the preferred state of calm.

Feeling in control is priceless:

Knowing how to access that feeling is complete power. Accepting that Triggers happen, but having the Tools to manage and move through that space quickly offers you the Confident-Life for which your Soul yearns.

Just keep the cycle turning.

For more information: Susan offers a Confident-Life Workshop. Using the 4C's and teaching the mindset transformation that keeps the cycle turning, participants receive useful and effective tools that work easily, immediately and can completely transform a participant's life experience. For more information, contact Susan, or email: If you're in a hurry to get your Confident-Life started now, call 518-495-4573.