On Becoming the Accidental Expert on the Middle-Aged Woman

What is an Accidental Expert?

Someone who ‘suddenly’ finds herself being asked questions on behalf of a group and is willing to speak up and speak out.

Is this 'Accidental Expert' a thing?

Yes, it is.

I know this because I have experience in this role.

In high school, I was the Accidental Jewish Expert. As one of only 3 Jews in my class [and not many more in the entire school], I was often asked questions on behalf of the ‘group’ [Jews]. I answered.

In College, I was the Accidental Sex Expert. As a person who was willing to candidly share experiences, ask real/feeling questions and give honest information about ‘how’ ‘where to put’ and ‘what to do,’ I was often asked questions-privately-about this topic. I answered.

Early in my career, I became the Accidental Fundraising Basics Expert. Through self-confidence and a little chutzpah, I wrote and got published a seminal article in a major professional publication that had people from nonprofits around the country contacting me with questions and for advice. I answered.

Mid-career, I became the Accidental Legacy Expert. I happened to land on something that a LOT of people think about and want to discuss. I coached, advised, wrote, spoke and did workshops on it and people started asking me advice on the topic. I answered.

Creating my own later career growth, I became an Accidental Online Business Development and Website Review Expert after spending more than a decade studying, researching, analyzing, using my innate skill as a strategist and freely responding to questions I got asked about this topic. I answered.

More recently, I became an Accidental Soul Expert. I did my own soul-work for years to know what I want - diligently coming to conscious awareness of my [inner] life, breathing, opening and allowing myself to receive and accept inspiration. I embraced the new-found feeling of soul-connection and immediately started talking and writing about it, sharing the feeling of it in my coaching work, and even discussing it in my professional speaking and consulting. People asked [‘What is soul?’], I answered.

And now, in my own consciously aware middle-aged life, with continued work on ‘myself,’ with Divine Providence and opening up to the Intuition that has found me; and because I now receive phone calls from people who are 'finding me,' I suddenly find myself an Accidental Expert on the Middle Aged Woman.  I don't yet receive daily calls [asking me what are women thinking, and what do they want], but the energy is growing, I feel it and I'm answering

One last thing-how do you become an ‘Expert’? on middle aged women and what they want?

  1. From Experience*
  2. From Commitment**
  3. By Divine inspiration [ie true expertise finds you]***
  4. By leaning in to your Middle Aged Hotness [Confidence], believing in yourself, your skill and your inspired impact****

* I attended a girls camp for 7 summers, I attended a women’s college, I co-founded an online movement for girls, I'm past president of my college alumnae club, I give workshops for women both in person and online.

**I’m in multiple online communities for this specific demographic market and actively participate, consciously tend to discussions/threads, ask questions, listen [a lot], and am now writing a book on the topic.

***I pray, I open up, I receive, I accept the responsibility that I feel I've been given--an opportunity to be a Voice for 50% of the population.....the 50% that lives longer!

****By grabbing that Middle Aged Hot Momma ring, and holding on while you're swinging through the air!

PS Can one person be an 'expert' on so many things? She surely can! If you practice the basics of prosperity consciousness and realize 'THERE IS ENOUGH' time, interest, opportunity and impact to be made.....AND: focus on what you do know and don't try to be an expert in other areas!