The Giving Formula™ ~ On Finding Passion/Purpose and Making a Plan

I derived The Giving Formula™ after decades of work in the field of fundraising and philanthropy combined with coaching people to deep self-exploration of values and actively seeking purpose.

Here it is, simple and fun!

The Giving Formula™ ~ P + P + P = L

P=Passion, comes from within, from your personal reflection of self and of your life’s journey and story. Take time to consider, reflect on your life-what has been a nurturing and nourishing thread for you? Go back, go deep, remember.

P=Purpose, found by opening your eyes, looking around. What’s out there connected in some way to your passion evoked through your personal reflection?

P=Plan*, ACTIVATE! All the passion in the world, and all the purposefulness come to nothing lasting without creating a plan and taking action, now.

L=Legacy. How do you want to be remembered? ~ How will you be remembered? Use The Giving Formula™ to help you cross that bridge…to creating a meaningful and lasting legacy. The way you live your life now, in this moment is how you will be remembered.

What will your legacy be?

*Here’s your simple 4-point Giving Plan:

  1. Identify your Purpose:

  2. Commit to a time element-how much Time are you willing to spend this year on your purpose?

  3. Consider and commit an amount of Money to support purpose-how much money am I willing to commit this year on this Purpose that is deeply meaningful to me? Organizations need financial support to run operations and become sustainable.

  4. What is the Impact you want to make this year [and beyond!] on the Purpose you’ve identified?

CALL TO ACTION: Contact me if I can be of service in the area of coaching you to Purpose! This is the underlying outcome of all of my Confidence Coaching work….finding your authentic voice is what allows you to create the legacy you want to leave! Here’s my em:

CLICK HERE TO LINK TO MY ARTICLE ON THE GIVING FORMULA IN LEGACY ARTS MAGAZINE. IT’S SO BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED THAT IT’S WORTH CLICKING JUST TO SEE IT! It’s like taking a vacation just gazing at the beautiful mountains and contemplating your legacy.