Susan is one of the most dedicated professionals I have had the pleasure to know in my career. Her passion for the nonprofit organizations she’s involved with is evident in her tireless work towards strengthening those organizations through philanthropy and charitable giving strategies. It’s people like Susan that facilitate and educate the public on the benefits of charitable donations that enhance the communities we live in and make them stronger. She is an asset to any organization.
— Timothy Howe, former Branch Complex Manager, Janney Montgomery Scott
Please know that I feel increased energy, enthusiasm and focus. You have much wisdom to share and you do it gracefully.
— Rod Margolis, Strategic Solutions, LLC
I really appreciate your willingness and generosity and I’m excited to learn about this new area for me. For the first time, I feel lighter about this aspect of my job.
— College Dean
Susan is dynamic and is an amazing coach and motivational speaker who works to turn ideas into reality quickly.
— Lela Montfort, Community Philanthropist
Her approach to philanthropy is both straightforward and creative. She truly understands the heart and mind of a philanthropist because she lives it. I can’t thank her enough for taking me under her wing when I first started out. In fact, to this day, whenever I find myself in a fundraising quandry, I often ask myself, “WWSD - What would Susan do?
— Susan Malinowski, Captain Youth and Family Services
Not only has Susan been strategic and creative in fundraising technique and resources, she has been an incredible mentor. As a result of working with her, not only did I come up with better strategies, I was also able to rethink and refine the message and the values of my project. Her expertise and her passion make her not only great to work with, but also a wonderful mentor and friend.
— Zilin Cui
You’re really good at what you do! Our conversation completely changed the way I was thinking; it really helped me a lot.
— Steven L. Meyer, PhD Speaker, Author, Creator of Personalized Philanthropy
My colleague and I spoke to Susan for the first time last night. She offered very constructive criticism which opened out eyes to a number of issues within our organization. Her passion for her work is undeniable and her vast experience is evident in her ability to quickly analyze situations and articulate the steps necessary to attain success. This was one of the most productive encounters we have had thus far in the nonprofit realm.
— - Ryan Sanborn, co-founder Revolution Studios