Discovering You Again

Who am I in this new phase of life, a phase where I have more time and resources to be who I want to be and how I want to be? Who is that? What does it look like? What does it feel like?

 ‘Discovering you again’ is a process that allows personal growth, spiritual renewal, physical acceptance, and emotional calm. Are you interested in this new way of being? Are you ready to open and allow the possibility that you could feel comfortable in your own skin, confident in your skills and happy in your relationships? What will it take to become aware of the opening presenting itself to you? What will it take to discover you again?

 Moving out of resistance to aging has been such a relief for me. It took well into my 50s  but as I have worked to move into alignment with my age and stage, I have found grace and contentment that is a surprise for me.

 On an intentional personal journey to find calm and reduce anxiety in my life, I learned about the idea that thoughts are things, that you can control and transform your thoughts, I found ease and enlightenment. I went into therapy, hired a coach, and committed to my physical body and mental well-being. All of this brought me further ease and helped me learn about the person I was becoming in this new stage of life.

 My most significant realization was that the years of being an age that felt foreign, would also bring freedom and flexibility that I had not known for decades. The dawning of that age found me open and ready to discover myself again! I learned of the beauty of committing to this every day. I created tools for myself and now use these tools in my work as a coach to help other women realize their own potential, and the beauty and grace of having an inspired and impassioned second half.

 Discovering you again! Who are you now? Who do you want to be now? How do you want to live? What matters to you? What is deeply meaningful in your life, what inspires you, what intrigues you, what infuriates you and what will you do about all of this?

 I urge you to find tools to support your own thoughts and feelings--meditate, pray, sing, run, write! Discovering you again! There is joy to be found, there is ease and there is inspiration the likes of which you did not have time to imagine as your earlier self. Give yourself the gift of letting go of the old ‘shoulds.’ Ask yourself, what could I do? And be sure to bring structure in order to accomplish that which you are inspired to do. Find others who care, it’s easier and more fun. Dream, imagine, think, engage, act. Our world desperately needs your skills and your passion. Live an inspired second half and leave behind a meaningful legacy.