Positivity is the Real Superpower

There was the day I stood in my family room yelling at my daughter and her friend…I was so ‘mad’ that I threw a VHS video tape on the carpeted floor and broke it. What could they have been doing that ‘made me’ so mad?

Learning that nothing outside of me ‘makes me’ feel anything was one of the greatest lessons that helped me go from becoming conscious to becoming responsible.

At the start of the bridge to Consciousness, I lived in superficial unawareness, wondering if there is a Gd, and imagining that I could actually control things in my life [that was Arrogance-now I know I can only control my feelings about things and my response to things].

Crossing that bridge, my eyes were opened. I found focus and clarity about who and how I wanted to be. By the end of that bridge, I learned that responsibility is what is 100% mine; responsibility is what would actually give me the control I sought. Going in, drilling deep, figuring out what I wanted was the work: What do I want? What do I want? What do I want? I thought that what I wanted was success, stuff, fame and money; through meditation [which I now know is prayer], I realized that what I wanted was to be happy, to be calm.

The journey revealed this as I took responsibility incrementally in every area of my life—this meant stop blaming my husband, my ‘birthright’ [i.e. parents], my work, parenting, volunteering-anything and everything outside of myself. At the very end of the bridge of Consciousness was the Ring of Fire around which were the blazing words ‘Are you ready to accept Responsibility?’ I stood before it for a long time. Burning hot, flames, hazy in the center-could I dive through into the cool, clean water on the other side? Would I burn and die? What do I want, what do I want, what do I want? I want to be happy and calm. I leaped.

I came out with a superpower! The Superpower of Positivity. I can! I am! When you take Responsibility for who you are and how you want to be, everything becomes 100% in your control! Your thoughts, words and actions are yours [use Affirmations, Meditations, Prayer and Song to support you]. The Superpower of Positivity...to be, model and teach others how reframing a negative thought into a positive one [repeatedly]...can change the way you see the world [and the others see you], how taking control of your thoughts leads to feeling better all the time, how speaking the Positivity Language uplifts others, how loving yourself most offers the oxygen you need to find courage, strength, and power to be Confident, to help others.

Meditation or prayer practice offers the quiet authentic space that leads to a positive stance that jettisons you up, bursting through the water gasping that exquisite breath of air, filling your lungs with vital life-nourishment. In that moment, you become a Superhero; Positivity is your Power and you feel Confident and sure. Imagine that feeling now. Just imagine.