Susan helps business owners and professional advisors understand the value of bringing philanthropy and legacy-thinking to their business, to their clients and customers. 

BUILDING Philanthropy INTO YOUR BUSINESS MODEL can enrich your work, enrich your relationships and offer a framework for discussion with positive and meaningful outcomes. 


Connecting with philanthropy:

Susan connects personally and powerfully through The Giving Formula. She shares this tool with professional advisors and business owners to guide them toward their own personal philanthropic passions.

When advisors or business owners have their own experience in creating their philanthropic vision and have asked and answered the question: "What will my legacy be?" they are able to work with clients and customers in a more meaningful, personal and purposeful way.

Working with philanthropy:

Susan's Giving Formula gives professional advisors and business owners a tool that they can use to connect personally to their clients, employees or customers.

This tool helps leaders form unique bonds with current and prospective clients or customers that help to strengthen existing ties and establish meaningful new relationships. Showing your commitment to philanthropy attracts the type of people you want to work with!

Business owners and professional advisors use Susan's proven method to set themselves and their services apart by bringing her in to conduct a Legacy Workshop with a family, or with a small group of clients, or for a customer appreciation session.

Creating with philanthropy:

The Giving Formula makes it possible for any person to create meaningful and lasting change locally or globally. Susan's Giving Formula has helped countless people realize their philanthropic dreams in realistic ways that are able to be simply infused into work and life with constructive and productive outcomes. It all starts with wanting to live a meaningful life-then, doing what it takes yields a beautiful legacy.

I am in the process of helping my client set up an endowment scholarship for her Alma mater. Just thinking about how many lives over the years this endowment will touch is pretty amazing.
— Kerri Herlick, Financial Advisor