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Susan has more than thirty years of experience working with individuals who care about the world. She is a strategist who intuitively helps people feel good about themselves, feel more confident, and enthusiastically helps others create purposeful connections in areas of deep and abiding interest. Straight shooting and not afraid to go in deep, Susan helps clients get Conscious, find Clarity, feel Confident, live meaningfully and create a lasting legacy. Susan is a Magician [Allegory Studios]-a transformer, and a Nurturer Voice [5 Voices]-a champion of people. These attributes define Susan's brand and using them allows her to work easily and quickly to help clients on the path to greatest success.

As a speaker she is passionate and motivating and people thank her for inspiring them to take some action about something that has been on their mind. When the subject is philanthropy and creating positive change in our world, no audience is too small or too large for Susan; she's happiest when she feels a crowd's energy growing in interest and commitment to create positive change in the world. As a Philanthropy Advisor, she inspires people to understand their life’s experience and purpose and helps to transform that purpose into a philanthropic passion and plan.

Susan offers another service line, Confident Fundraising, a fundraising coaching business to teach, guide and help nonprofit leaders get and stay on track towards higher income goals. Her specialty is personal fundraising coaching to help nonprofit CEOs learn how to solicit--overcoming the fear of asking, and help them attain ambitious goals that include building life-long loyal donor corps for worthy organizations. Susan offers a free mentoring program to teach her Confident Fundraising methodology to young professional colleagues.

Personal Coaching is a service line that started at the behest of friends, colleagues and even strangers. 'I feel so much better after talking with you!' became such a constant refrain that in 2015 Susan launched as a Coach. She works in deeply personal conversations with clients, listening and asking insightful and targeted questions to encourage people to see their truth and take action.

Being a donor and volunteer herself has provided a personal perspective and insight for her work with individuals and charitable organizations. She is a pro bono Global Strategic Advisor to Jewish Girls Unite and has worked with the CEO to help conceptualize this global movement which serves her own passionate philanthropic commitment of helping Jewish daughters become Jewish mothers. For 18 years she has been an advisor to the CEO of the Vascular Birthmarks Foundation which has networked 90,000 people into treatment. Susan is past president of her Synagogue and was on the executive committee for 17 years. Through her work in planned giving and her decade long involvement with the Daughters of Sarah Senior Community, Susan developed a passion for working with and supporting seniors; she loves meeting with them and hearing the stories of their lives.

Susan is amazed and thrilled to still be married to her college sweetheart, Howie, and has two daughters-Rebeccca and Sarah-whom she cherishes and of whom she is exceptionally proud. She lives in the Capital Region of NY and is a proud alumna of Mount Holyoke College.

Susan is a writer for Luminous Wisdom: Remembering Sophia, a global publication by and for women.


The Picture that Changed my Life

This toddler might have been my own toddler the day of the Oklahoma bombing on April 19, 1995....this baby's mama didn't know when she left her at 'school' that morning that it would be the last time she held her baby.....As I sat in my living-room with tears streaming down my face holding my own precious bundle, I felt a change in my soul. Life became more important than work...and my work in fundraising would become about philanthropy and meaning, not just money.

 I became more of a wife and mother and daughter and less of a worker...and I brought a new outlook to understanding my role of offering people an opportunity to make a difference in the world by using their resources and energy in a positive way. I developed an understanding of the power of philanthropy...............I dedicate my work to this precious soul, Baylee Almon.

Susan is dynamic and is an amazing coach and motivational speaker who works to turn ideas into reality quickly.
— Lela Montfort, Community Philanthropist

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