Susan helps business owners and professional advisors understand the value of bringing philanthropy and legacy-thinking to their business, to their clients and customers. 

BUILDING Philanthropy INTO YOUR BUSINESS MODEL can enrich your work, enrich your relationships and offer a framework for discussion with positive and meaningful outcomes. 


Connecting with philanthropy:

Susan connects personally and powerfully through The Giving Formula. She shares this tool with professional advisors and business owners to guide them toward their own personal philanthropic passions.

When advisors or business owners have their own experience in creating their philanthropic vision and have asked and answered the question: "What will my legacy be?" they are able to work with clients and customers in a more meaningful, personal and purposeful way.

Working with philanthropy:

Susan's Giving Formula gives professional advisors and business owners a tool that they can use to connect personally to their clients, employees or customers.

This tool helps leaders form unique bonds with current and prospective clients or customers that help to strengthen existing ties and establish meaningful new relationships. Showing your commitment to philanthropy attracts the type of people you want to work with!

Business owners and professional advisors use Susan's proven method to set themselves and their services apart by bringing her in to conduct a Legacy Workshop with a family, or with a small group of clients, or for a customer appreciation session.

Creating with philanthropy:

The Giving Formula makes it possible for any person to create meaningful and lasting change locally or globally. Susan's Giving Formula has helped countless people realize their philanthropic dreams in realistic ways that are able to be simply infused into work and life with constructive and productive outcomes. It all starts with wanting to live a meaningful life-then, doing what it takes yields a beautiful legacy.

I am in the process of helping my client set up an endowment scholarship for her Alma mater. Just thinking about how many lives over the years this endowment will touch is pretty amazing.
— Kerri Herlick, Financial Advisor

FAQs for working with Susan Axelrod

‘What Do You Do?’

This is the question I get asked most often. The answer is simple:

I teach people about the Power of Giving. I do this through speaking programs, by working with Financial and Legal Professionals to enrich their client relationships, by working with nonprofits to deepen their donor relationships and when asked, by personal coaching in philanthropy. My message is always founded in Prosperity Consciousness--thinking expansively, abundantly, creatively about money offers anyone opportunities beyond what their minds can currently conceive.

Here are my Service Lines:

I am a paid professional speaker. The size of an audience is not the most important thing to me-I can speak in an intimate setting, or to a lecture hall full of people. What matters is that the people are brought together by an insane drive to create positive change in our world. I discount my speaking fee to organizations that generate their own audience filled with people who want to make a difference.

I am a GIVING Advisor. Here's how I work with you:

Individuals: I help people figure out what is deeply meaningful to them and create a plan for GIVING-impact for the rest of their lives, resulting in a lasting legacy. I call this GIVING-Coaching and yes, people pay me for this. This is highly personalized and customized work. I work with wealthy people and ‘regular’ people. You do not have to be wealthy to GIVING, GIVE ANYTHING AND YOU ARE a philanthropist! you JUST have to want to create positive change in our world.

Advisors: I offer speaking programs and personal engagement to help you deepen your client relationships through conversations ABOUT GIVING. Often this involves teaching about ‘intentional’ giving. I charge a speaking fee for programs and/or a personal GIVING-Coaching fee for you and/or clients. The coaching work is highly personalized and customized work.

Nonprofits: Working with nonprofit decision-makers, I teach high-level strategic personal solicitation methods in a coaching environment. See all program details at Also, I work privately and quietly with high-level administrators responsible for fundraising who would like outside guidance. Contact me personally to discuss at

Businesses: Through speaking programs and coaching I teach methods for incorporating Philanthropy into your business model. This I highly personalized and customized work for which I charge coaching fees depending on your needs and desired outcomes.

‘What are the outcomes I can expect when I work with you?’

Regardless of the service line, every person who comes into contact with me will be offered an opportunity to contemplate what is deeply and personally meaningful in their lives and will be offered guidance about a philanthropic context-what you can do to impact that cause, organization or purpose.

Largely, I work with a very simple plan of action to encourage and guide my customers and clients to take actual steps towards their own philanthropic plan [simple and actual steps are key words in my world].

Through my speaking, you can expect that an audience will leave feeling stirred desire to make positive change in the world and with inspiration to take steps and make something happen.

Through my coaching, you can expect direct and impassioned guidance to help you think through and take action towards creating the positive change you articulate. My style is direct—we only have so much time on earth and  days turn into months and years all too quickly. I motivate and strongly encourage people to take action and carry out their plans. Stay-in-touch coaching facilitates this.

‘What are the benefits to working with you?’

Another simple answer: Making something actually happen.

I hear constantly how people wish and want; I help them do. Much of my work has come from people having wanted to do something for a long time, but ‘not knowing how to make it happen.’

It’s hard for me to describe in a quantifiable way what it will feel like for you to engage in a GIVING-commitment in our world about something that matters deeply to you. Honestly, I don’t have a good answer for this. Attend one of my speaking programs and you’ll learn more. All I can tell you is that people thank me from the bottom of their hearts when we’re done.

‘How much do you charge?’

I have set speaking fees and set coaching package fees-call me and let me know what might interest you and we can discuss; I promise not to ‘sell.’

For all of my individualized work, the truth is that I base fees on energy spent, not time spent.  I can tell you that everyone who engages with me is literally supporting the world, because organizations and causes are impacted every time. Each person plays a real part in the next engagement [as people before you played a part in your engagement with me]. In this way, we actually are all connected. :)