Philanthropy Workshops or Speaking Programs

  • The Extraordinary World of Philanthropy
  • Strategic Philanthropy, Giving with Intention
  • What Will Your Legacy Be?

Susan's speaking style is high-energy, interactive and she always engages after taking the 'temperature' of the audience to see how many rungs up the feel-good ladder she can move them.

Custom Legacy Workshop.

Exploring Philanthropy....Helping to bring meaning to your life today....helping you create a legacy that will last forever.  

With humor, spirit and inspiration Susan uses The Philanthropy Formula™ in this Workshop that will help you know what matters (to you!), commit to it, take action and feel the powerful life-changing effects of creating positive change in our world. 

This interactive, engaging dialogue affects you the moment you open to its message: Everyone has the opportunity to create a meaningful and lasting legacy. 

Philanthropy is a tool that you can use to change your outlook from inside to out, regardless of how much…or you have. 

 This program will leave you wanting to RUN to the cause that speaks to your heart and begin impacting immediately. 

 You will begin this session thinking Philanthropy is 'about the money,   You will end the session with a new thought pattern: 'What WILL my legacy be?'

And, with the courage, inspiration and information to do something about it.



Susan captivates an audience!

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