I am likely to be leading a stand-alone business unit in the near future. I would like to get advice on different ways to improve my leadership capabilities. What skills are needed to become an effective leader?

A: The greatest skill needed to being the most effective leader is Confidence. Consider taking some time to breathe, clear, and journal about your deeply personal thoughts-perhaps fears- about your new opportunity. … Can I really do this? Am I in my authentic 'light' [most authentic skill]? What do I need in order to feel supremely confident [not arrogant] to best produce in my new capacity?

Give all of this some thought. Confidence is actually a hard skill, though most people think it's a 'soft' skill. Without supreme confidence [NOT arrogance], it's hard to truly have the biggest impact. Use all the Tools in your toolbox to break through your own personal blocks and barriers to your own success! Good luck!