”I was blown away by my 90-minute Single Breakthrough Session with Susan Axelrod. I felt that I needed help setting goals to accomplish what I would like to in my MLM business. Well, I went to the right place! For those of you that don't know about Susan, she is a Confidence Coach, public speaker, and published author. She is an amazing listener and her questions were insightful. We talked about many things during our session, including how important I felt that it was for me to do Facebook LIVES and my fear of public speaking. After 90 minutes, I felt more confident about that because she gave me the tools and clarity I need to conquer that fear. I encourage you to go to her Facebook page and to her website. I have also benefited from her "FB LIVE @t 5 with Coach Susan Axelrod.” This woman is the real deal!” Judy Sears Schmidt

”I found Susan’s Confident Speaking Coaching Program really informative even as a speaker myself.
There were alot of helpful pointers that I gained, which has allowed me to be more effective in my speaking career. I especially found her tips on the formulation of the opening and closing of any lecture or speech very practical and have implemented them. Susan herself brings a rare blend of passion and high level expertise which allowed me to feel fully confident in following her guidelines. I tremendously benefited from her course and would highly recommend it! Susan’s personal coaching sessions was packed with empowering techniques and strategies that I was able to implement immediately.” Nechama Dina Zweibel

PERSONAL BREAKTHROUGH SESSION: "Thank you SO MUCH! In just that single call, I feel like a new woman! A more confident woman. You're definitely A Confidence Coach! Hugs!" Savana Rose Woods, Authenticity Marketing

"I promise anyone reading this testimonial that if you are experiencing some sort of challenge, Susan has a way of helping you create clarity in very simple & doable ways that bring about results!! Speaking from personal experience, she is a master at that!!🧡 " Carlenia Springer  www.destinyembraced.com 

My life has changed for the better since I met Jenn Lederer and joined her Mogul Membership group. I was surprised and delighted to receive this resounding testimonial!

“I couldn't think of anyone better than Confidence Coach, Susan Axelrod to kick off our Feature Fridays!!! Susan came into my world through my free 21-day video challenge in early 2019 and she has been a CONSTANT source of light, #support#authenticity and #tenacity ever since! Susan offers FABULOUSLY uplifting, educational and FUN #FBLives nearly every day @ 5pm EST! Follow her work, peeps! [#nowyouknow].  Susan gets it...and more importantly, she gets ME and my approach to life & biz! She knows that life is way too grand to be taken so seriously, and I'm grateful I get to see this woman IN action every damn day.” Jenn Lederer, Jenn Lederer Productions, June 2019

PERSONAL BREAKTHROUGH SESSION: “Susan, thanks SO much for your time and ‘x-ray vision.’ You are right on target with your assessment of my situation. I am excited about your clarity and how you ‘cut to the mustard.’ You quickly helped me to clear out the clutter in my mind and become more focused.” Elana Bergovoy, NY March, 2019

PERSONAL BREAKTHROUGH SESSION: "After our session together, I felt renewed inspiration to tackle things systematically and proactively. I am moving forward with positivity and confidence!!! Thank you, Susan!!! So, to answer your question if it was helpful: YES! YES! YES!" Rivkah Leah Popack, CO February, 2019

Thank you Susan! You don’t realize how much you help me every time I speak with you. You really do have a gift! I can’t wait to get your book! Thank you again!!!
— Bonnie Steinberg, last coaching conversation of 2018

PERSONAL BREAKTHROUGH SESSION: "In 34 minutes, Susan provided insight and an impactful, powerful conversation that gave me the confidence to see my possibilities and overcome my inner critic who's just such a mean girl! She pushed my thinking (which was challenging at times - at one point I wanted to hang up!;-) to truly reflect on my why, my purpose and my journey. That it's not about getting there, it's about enjoying the here and taking on the journey that matters most."   Michelle Drake, December 2018

“Thank you so much for today! I feel so much clarity!” Kimberly A. Perone, CLC Success Coach, Inspired Life Coaching Co-Founder, The Center for Clarity, Compassion & Contentment, October, 2018

PERSONAL BREAKTHROUGH SESSION: My conversation with you helped me so much, in just 20 minutes you really 'got me' and offered a practical reframe. I can't believe how you did that and just seemed to know me right from the start. Your talk gave me something solid and real when I felt like I've been grasping for something for a long time. Your coaching was so helpful and I can’t wait to talk to you again. Thank you!

Pam Sullivan, September, 2018

"Your online course was a hit! I knew I wanted to get you in front of my team, but it wasn't budget-friendly to bring everyone in. I wasn't sure how people would respond to the online training, but as I managed the platform and comments, it was clear that your energy and enthusiasm was coming through as if in person!  You helped each person discover their Divine message and become more confident expressing their voice in public. Your workshop empowered participants to conquer their fears through recognizing their unique mission and voice. We can't thank you enough!"   Nechama Laber, Global Director Jewish Girls Unite

Unexpected mid-2018 love from a mentee: "Susan Axelrod, you shone a bright light through the dark tunnel I thought I was going through senior year in college. You lifted me up and showed me hope."

First Q2-2018 Discovery Call: "Wow. I've learned more in this call about myself and the way I think-and about how to generate more income right away-then I learned in all the online webinars I listened to in 2017, and that's a LOT of webinars. I cannot wait to get started on my Personal Intensive. Thank you for sharing so much freely in this call."

"Susan is great to work with. Her ability to see my project clearly and share her experience with what works and WHY, really brought clarity to an issue that had been foggy to me for many months. By the end of my session with her, I knew what I needed to do next and how to organize my philanthropic project in a way that made the most sense—not just for me—but for the people around the globe who are involved in my Abundant Love Project. Thank you Susan!" [Deb DeLisi, Author, Artist, Speaker and Founder of The Abundant Love Project]

"I have met with Susan on a couple of occasions to discuss a  "solo-preneurial" career path.  She is experienced in her approach, quick to identify strengths and weaknesses in your decision making process and succinct in helping you see into the heart and soul of your thoughts and words.  I would recommend Susan as an accomplished career coach with a keen eye and ear that sees and hears what you may be overlooking within yourself." [Francine Dingeman, 2018]

"I have known Susan since January of 2016. I connected with her via LinkedIn as I prepared to transition to the American Foundation of the Blind and wanted to identify some resource development expertise in the New York area. I contracted with her to provide professional coaching to staff as they assumed responsibility for our resource development team. Susan is exemplary at one-on-one professional development coaching and her support for crafting and delivering messages in public speaking situations is top-notch." [Kirk Adams, CEO American Foundation for the Blind]

When you and I connect, I immediately become positive, purposeful and forward thinking!
— Tami J. MIller

"Susan.....How do you do this? How do you make such big things happen? I watch you in amazement and just don't understand how you have time for it all.....I'm looking forward to working with you to learn your secret." [Coaching Client, 2017]

"Susan, in addition to helping me feel more confident about myself, I am now a more CONFIDENT public speaker! I never realized that this was so important, that it would even help me run more effective and productive meetings. Thank you for helping me break through a fear that was holding me back professionally!" [Coaching Client, 2016] 

“Having a Confident-Life saves me time, I know what to do and when and how!” This is what I kept hearing from my friend after she worked with you. I was jealous! I’m so happy I contacted you, I feel better just knowing that I’m going to be working with you! I can’t wait to get started! Newest Client 2017

You’ve been a source of so much strength for me. Working with you has been a priceless opportunity. I can’t thank you enough.
— R. Metzger
I always feel lighter after talking with you!
— Susan Batchelder
Every time we talk I feel inspired! You just seem to know what to say to me that gets the wheels turning. I actually get good energy just knowing you’re out there.
— June, 2016 Coaching Conversation
Thank you for being so real, speaking the truth and teaching us things that will help us in life. You’re an amazing speaker.
— Participant in Camp Counselor Leadership Training Program, June 2016

"I highly recommend Susan. Even though we have the same last name, we are not related. She and I have worked together on some projects and I will tell you she is a true visionary with a heart for helping people achieve their personal goals. If you’re looking for someone to help take you to the next level, and open your mind to a whole new way of thinking...Susan is your solution! Don’t put it off. I was having a dinner meeting with her one night and described a situation I was going through. She encouraged me to take certain action steps. I was able to completely turn it around, close the deal and wound up propelling my career to a whole new level. It is something I will never forget! So what are you waiting for? Go for it! Susan will be a loyal resource for you and help you go where you’ve never gone before! "--Keith Axelrod, NY

"Dear Susan: Thank you so much for being such an inspiration to me and my fellow counselors. Your tools on how to give and receive in a balanced and effective manner helped me when I was overwhelmed with finding time for myself and my campers. I really love your bright spirit and personality, you really make it fun and easy to learn! Thanks to you, whenever I have negative thoughts about myself or others around me, I know how to change them into positive ones. Thanks for all you do! from M.M. [Participant in Camp Counselor Leadership Training Program, July 2016]

"I was embarrassed to ever tell anyone that. How did you even know that I didn't know what that meant? Thank you for explaining it so simply and clearly, and for not judging me for not knowing about it. I know everyone else knows, but I didn't and I didn't know how to tell anyone." [from coaching conversation with a Teen, July 2016]

"Susan, you have a way of just talking straight and you are so clear and precise in your words--how do you do that? I have learned the benefit of speaking this way and thinking this way by working with you; I'm practicing it myself every day. I never realized how our words and thoughts are so filled with useless stuff and especially negative stuff about ourselves. This is a skill that I can't wait to teach to my kids! My Affirmation: I think and speak clearly!" [July 2016 coaching client]

"Honestly, I can't believe how much better I feel from just two calls. I had no idea the fear that was gripping me every time I thought about that subject. I don't know how you realized it! When we did that exercise of looking right at it and breathing, it was knowing that you were right there for me-I could feel it-that finally allowed me to open my eyes. I thought everyone would judge me, but you didn't, thank you! I can't wait until our next call!" [July 2016 coaching client]

"They loved you! You were amazing as the speaker, you had them eating out of your hands. So poised, articulate, confident and smiling-they couldn't wait to hear what you had to say." Tzivia Kay, professional performer and attendee at Global Launch of Jewish Girls Unite, March, 2016

"I've never attended anything like this before. No one at school ever spoke to us like this. I'm a different person tonight from the person I was this morning." [Participant in Camp Counselor Leadership Training Program, June 2016]

"How did you know that? I never put those two things together before, but now that you have, I see it--it fits exactly. I guess I'm changing, but I didn't realize it before. The way you've suggested it makes so much sense and gives me an exact framework in which to put my uncomfortable feelings. I feel more in control of the issue now, suddenly it's not bothering me anymore. Thank you!" [From March, 2016 coaching conversation]

"How did you do that? In just this single call with you I feel 20 pounds lighter! This issue has been weighing on me for weeks. I now see my part in it and what part is 100% in my control...I couldn't see that before. I felt it was completely out of my control. This is remarkable!" [From March, 2016 coaching conversation]

"Working with Susan, I have completely changed the way I think which has lead me to change the way I act. This has transformed the way I feel every single day, all the time. Now, I am kind to myself first and feel well, happy. Leaving behind sadness and fear, guilt and anxiety has liberated me.  Bringing ease to my mind has brought me healing and has helped me be more on-purpose with a bigger goal than I ever imagined. I realize, now, that my best impact is just in this moment; it starts with the way I'm feeling and thinking, and with the words I say and spreads out to those around me. Everyone who knows me asks, 'What happened to you?' I just smile and know that All is Well." [2015 Coaching Client]

"Susan, you may not realize it, but our meeting-as brief as it was-really created a lasting impression; think impression like a physical indentation in a surface. The seeds planted that day, especially 'you don't have to be rich to be a philanthropist' resonated on a DNA level. It was more like recognition, like the words settled into a place that already existed for them, if that makes sense. It started a chain reaction and helped create a space where I could really visualize mom's scholarship-when I began to focus on the women it would help. And that gave me the impetus to make it happen by starting to fund the Margaret C. "Peggy" Perkins Memorial Scholarship myself, with the result that in a few weeks, women will be able to apply for the scholarship and the first $1,000 scholarship will be awarded in the Fall." --Elaine Patrice Perkins, StartUp Grind Albany

“Susan is one of the most dedicated professionals I have had the pleasure to know in my career. Her passion for the nonprofit organizations she’s involved with is evident in her tireless work towards strengthening those organizations through philanthropy and charitable giving strategies. It’s people like Susan that facilitate and educate the public on the benefits of charitable donations that enhance the communities we live in and make them stronger. She is an asset to any organization.”
— Timothy Howe, former Branch Complex Manager, Janney Montgomery Scott

“Please know that I feel increased energy, enthusiasm and focus. You have much wisdom to share and you do it gracefully.” — Rod Margolis, Strategic Solutions, LLC

"I had an experience this summer that changed the way I look at the impact I want to make in the world through giving. I attended a conference and serendipitously met Susan Axelrod, a Philanthropic Advisor whose mission resonated deeply with me.  I talked at length with Susan about being more intentional in our giving.  Susan gave me tools and language to guide conversations with my wife about which causes mattered most to us and why.  Since then, we’ve had more informed discussions and have begun to put in place a ‘Giving Plan.’ — Adam Stock, Next Level Planning Group

“Susan is dynamic and is an amazing coach and motivational speaker who works to turn ideas into reality quickly.” — Lela Montfort, Community Philanthropist

“Her approach to philanthropy is both straightforward and creative. She truly understands the heart and mind of a philanthropist because she lives it. I can’t thank her enough for taking me under her wing when I first started out. In fact, to this day, whenever I find myself in a fundraising quandry, I often ask myself, “WWSD - What would Susan do?” — Susan Malinowski, Captain Youth and Family Services

That was amazing! In one hour, not really knowing anything about me, you identified an area of concern for me that I've struggled with for a long time. The Reframe Tool you taught me is easy and I can easily remember it when the issue surfaces again. [From May, 2015 coaching conversation]

“You’re really good at what you do! Our conversation completely changed the way I was thinking; it really helped me a lot.” — Steven L. Meyer, PhD Speaker, Author, Creator of Personalized Philanthropy

“My colleague and I spoke to Susan for the first time last night. She offered very constructive criticism which opened out eyes to a number of issues within our organization. Her passion for her work is undeniable and her vast experience is evident in her ability to quickly analyze situations and articulate the steps necessary to attain success. This was one of the most productive encounters we have had thus far in the nonprofit realm. ” — - Ryan Sanborn, co-founder Revolution Studios