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LATEST in 2019:

I’m ecstatic to announce that I am writing a series for Charity Channel on Self Care for Nonprofit Leaders. A year-long, six-part series that includes interviews with nonprofit leaders from around the country.

Recently Published:

In Legacy Arts Magazine by publisher Laura Roser at Paragon Road. Article: The Giving Formula

My personal story of becoming a writer


I wanted to feel better than the anxious self I had become. Someone suggested I journal, but discipline did not find me. Until a colleague told me she 'journaled' to her daughter and emotion washed over me, I got it! I started writing first to just baby Rebecca, and then to both Rebecca and Sarah, and didn't stop for more than a decade.


At about age 30, I published an article in a national association magazine [I just called the Publisher, got through, pitched my idea and she said 'love it and we need it!'] Since then, I've published articles in magazines, newspapers, and as a guest blogger.


When I established this website, I started a blog immediately and felt such freedom to write posts helping people find and feel purpose. I ended every post ended with the question, What will your legacy be? Those posts are no longer on this updated website, but they're in my files and they fill my heart [I shared one post, below]. 


In partnership with my co-founder of Jewish Girls Unite, I co-wrote and edited One More Light, An Anthology for Inspiration about Shabbos Candlelighting. You can find it on Amazon!

Soul-Connection Series ~ My first two books in the Soul-Connection Triligy are now published:

Your Job Is To Be, An Anthology to Inspire Soul-Connection. You can find it on Amazon!

Meditation to Ease, Calm and Inspire, A Collection to Activate Your Mind & Soul. You can find it on Amazon!

STAY TUNED FOR THE 3RD IN THE TRILOGY: Affirmations, Transform Your Mind for Soul-Connection


In 2017, Sibella Publications [70,000 readership] invited me to become one of 50 women writers worldwide for a new global online magazine called Luminous Wisdom, SOPHIA. I was awed and terrified, but my tribe said 'DO IT!' My column was titled Going from Confidence to Calm. and I was invited back this year as 'one of their favorite writers' [from the publisher]. Now in my third year, this year's series is titled Discovering You Again.

Here’s what they have to say:

Susan Axelrod is an amazing Contributing Article Writer for Luminous Wisdom: SOPHIA. This is her 2nd year writing for us and she is truly a blessing to our publication. She has taken the literary platform we have given to her and just SOARED in so many ways! She knows how to work the program. She's a Woman on Fire!!! Go Susan Axelrod, Go! Don't you EVER stop!! Susan, will be coming to NC within the upcoming year to speak on 'Changing Your Mindset"!!! We're excited to bring her in!

My Turn Now.

My Turn! Our daughters are grown and living independent lives away from home. I have time to write. I write everything now-articles, prayers, poems. I even write Guided Meditations [I create powerful custom Guided Meditations if you're interested, call me]. 

And now? I'm writing my ‘big’ book, on my seminal work: Discovering You Again. It will speak directly to women like me, middle-aged women looking at the second half of their lives and wondering: Now What? It is half written and I'm working on it daily. It's hard sometimes to sit my butt in the chair to write it; but it's always being written in my mind. It will be published in 2019. There. I said it.

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Me, on the cover Luminous Wisdom | Sophia. :)

70,000+ readers

From my old blog:

You are but one, but you ARE one ™ 

Ghandi was but one (one who chose to live simply, devoutly and lead)

Martin Luther King, Jr. was but one (one compassionate person who chose peace over income)

Bill Gates was but one (one college dropout who chose the path of his talents)

Oprah was but one (one poor Black girl from Mississippi who chose to fight)

Mary Kay Ash was but one (one who chose her independence & started a business at 45)

JK Rowling was but one (one poor single mother who chose her writing bliss)

And imagine this: Steven Spielberg was but one (one awkward person who chose a ‘lens’ and accepted his gifts)

Each one, just REGULAR people who chose to use their special gifts and talents to create something, take action and impact worlds of others.

Each one figured it out (some took longer than others), took action and made a difference in our world...............what do you choose to do?

Your personal impact can affect just one other, hundreds or even thousands of others.....over just one day, a lifetime, or over generations.....you choose.

Every morning that you come to consciousness, you have a choice…You choose what energy you will bring to the world every moment of the day…You choose what your first thought of the day is…how you will greet the first person you see (and every other person that day), how you think, how you act, what you do.

What do you choose?

How you live is how you will be remembered, by one person, or by generations.

What Will Your Legacy Be?



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My work always begins with a personal interview to get a feel and flavor for your voice, and includes a few editing reviews before the final product is delivered electronically. 

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