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"I never believed fundraising could be fun, but Susan brings it every time!"

Guiding Non-Profit Leaders to become Confident Fundraisers

Experienced Fundraising Coach Susan Axelrod offers fun, highly personalized and specialized coaching for nonprofit leaders who are ready to make deeper connections with donors and raise more money for worthy causes. At Confident Fundraising™ I offer Individualized Coaching for nonprofit leaders who want to learn high-level personal solicitation strategy that produces every time.

Meeting you and working with you has been a gift.
— 2017 coaching client
“In one coaching session with you, I have a better understanding of my role in fundraising than I have since I became a Dean. I’ve been nervous about what I was ‘supposed to’ be doing and not knowing how to start. I feel more confident already just understanding that it all starts with sharing our story first—I love talking about what we do here with our students. Now, I see that gifts come from building authentic relationships with people who care about what we do and want to help us make a difference...instead of just trying to get money from them. My role in fundraising has fallen into place, thank you!”
— New College Dean

Through Confident Fundraising, my intention is to offer fundraising relief to the executive leaders of nonprofits throughout the United States who are lovingly and expertly caring for the fabric of our society. I am here to support you in a safe environment with your most private concerns about your own ability to raise money for your organization. You must succeed, for the strong future of the nonprofit sector, and our world. Blessings to each and every one of you for the work you do every day.


For Nonprofit CEOs--Personal Fundraising Coaching to set you up for success!

Remember the coaching you got on the field or floor in high school? .....Every day after school for the whole season, with workouts on the days you weren’t practicing…

At the beginning of the season your lungs were burning and your legs felt like jelly. At the end of the season after practicing everyday and having games a few times a week you could sprint through a game and felt strong and more confident to score goals/perform.

For the nonprofit CEO who is really ready, I’m offering a one-month Fundraising Coaching Intensive to build your Confidence, strength and endurance.

One weekly coaching call up to 90 minutes
One call together with a Board Chair or staff person up to 90 minutes
Double Q—Quick Question telephone or text access
Email up to four hours
NOTE: Scheduling and keeping these calls will be up to the client. Work is busy and we’re all human and might forget and rescheduling is permitted, but the success of this Intensive will come from pre-scheduled meetings that you are committed to participate in actively.


The cost is $3,600-much less than a single major gift!

Real coaching to build lean fundraising muscle in real time with your real issues and prospects.

For organizations with budgets under one million, please contact me to discuss the fee!

  • Susan adheres to the Association of Fundraising Professionals Code of Ethics


For New Executive Directors


You're new to your job, new to your organization, or new to the world of non-profits. You've been in your job for less than two years, and you know you need a little help.

THIS is the training program for you!

This six-month program will give you the strategies and skills you need to become Confident soliciting major gifts, to elevate an existing Individual Giving program, or start a new one for your organization.

You will have a monthly call to discuss fundraising basics and an intensive training in Individual Giving Strategies...learn to be comfortable asking for transformational gifts! Included are quick texts or phone calls and use of email for Q&A. Susan will teach you the tools and techniques she has used to raise millions of dollars for nonprofits over her 30-year career, and help you develop long-term strategies to ensure your organization's growth and success. Calls conducted via telephone or Skype.

You can also use your calls to review prospect management as you plan meetings with top donors and secure transformational gifts!

Invest just $4,500* for 6 months,  an investment in your future as a nonprofit leader and Confident Fundraiser.

Call Susan now to discuss-there is absolutely no commitment upon calling and you will not be 'sold' or pressured into 'buying a package.' 

*price subject to change, #GRABITNOW!



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