Discovering You Again...what do you mean?

I hear this all the time......so, here's how the conversation goes:

Susan: It's the name of the book I'm writing, full title: Discovering You Again! 5 Steps to discover the person you want to be in the second half of life.

Woman: I'd love to do that, but how do you?

Susan: By  figuring out what you want, getting connected to your energy in order to allow it and gaining the clarity and confidence you want in order to accomplish it.

Woman: Well how do you do that?


  • By getting control of your thoughts instead of letting them control you.

  • By getting control of your body to support it lovingly for the next few decades.

  • By going in and going deep and meeting your soul, she's in there waiting for you to find her.

  • By creating and establishing a mindset of prosperous abundance that is your due, and

  • By contemplating the Legacy you want to leave.

These things connect you to self energy [AKA God energy if you have a relationship with God; but don't let that be a block if you don't. You may substitute Universal source here if that's more comfortable].

This is the process to discover the person you want to be in your second half of life…a self-confident woman walking forward knowing she's going in the right direction. 

Woman: I.WANT.IN.

Susan: Welcome to the Tribe!

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