For you and your friend-group?!


GREAT WAY TO START A CONVERSATION [the NEW most effective marketing tool in your kit] WITH YOUR CLIENTS OR CUSTOMERS!

"What a great marketing opportunity! I'm always looking to start a meaningful conversation with my women clients & customers. What better way than to offer engaging and thoughtful content that will get them thinking differently about life?" [Financial Services professional]

A DYA PARTY RIGHT IN YOUR WORK your conference room during lunch or after hours, in your shop [move aside the rounders!], in your break room...anywhere you have space for ten or more women to gather, connect, explore and grow!

These parties will be engaging, interactive experiences-no lecture here!-with energetic thoughtful discussion and tools shared about the topics in the book-Mind, Body, Soul, Prosperity Consciousness, and Legacy [How do I want to be remembered? How will I be remembered?!].

Parties may be overall intro/a bit of it all, or topic-specific if one topic appeals to a host and her tribe. A minimum of one-hour is necessary to invite the audience up on the carpet and start the magic ride. For the bravest, I'm happy to plan a two or three hour magic carpet experience with you-to offer your guests a mind-bending trip of a lifetime, how fun is that?!


Contact me at 518.495.4573 to discuss-there's never any obligation when you connect personally, it's just a conversation. Already looking forward!

Are you my best customer?

I'm looking for women, age 45-70, children launching/launched, &/or retired or soon to be retired from a C-level career [I consider Mom to be the CEO]. YOU are looking at the second half of your life and asking: What now? What about me, shouldn't it be my turn now? You are single or married, but either way have spent the last 25+ years giving of yourself to others [family or work]. You are always busy, well-read, and never say no. You are wondering how to feel again, how to find your own voice and how to turn your passion into impact. You question if your life is truly 'on purpose' and want your second half to be lived with intention and joy and to be remembered with love.

You want a corps of thoughtful friends, like-minded women, and will host them in your home, beach house or villa bringing me in for a DISCOVERING YOU AGAIN two-day party, for fun, laughter, inspiration and planning, followed by a deeper dive in coaching.