As a Philanthropy Advisor, Susan works with individuals, families, Front Line Advisors, businesses, and young people. she offers an opportunity to find meaning...a deeply held desire by everyone who asks themselves the question: "What will my legacy be?"

FOR INDIVIDUALS OR FAMILIES: Whether bringing meaning to your life personally, or bringing together family members in a purposeful way, Susan's passion for teaching and her natural ability as a coach serves to uplift and engage clients.

FOR BUSINESSES: Helping business leaders build philanthropy into their business model offers improved employee relations, greater customer loyalty, and improved sales...your customers care about the world and want to see that you do, too! Susan teaches how incorporating Tithing produces higher profits!

FOR ADVISORS: Front Line Advisors are business owners first. Susan helps Advisors understand the value of bringing philanthropy and legacy-thinking to their practice and to their clients using Tithing as a framework-it works! Advisors who work with Susan find their own Philanthropic Passion first and then understand the power of helping clients find theirs...the result is infusing fun in work, greater productivity and enhanced client relationships.



“Susan has been a mentor and guide since I started on my own philanthropy journey and wanted to integrate giving impact in my work with clients. I knew what I wanted to do, but wasn’t sure how. Working with Susan has shown me the way!”
— Financial Advisor, NY

connecting with philanthropy

Using Philanthropy as a Tool to enhance your life or business, Susan Axelrod brings unyielding energy and passion to inspire YOU to find meaning, purpose and joy. Her well of ideas stems from an eternal spring of passion about helping others understand the power of Philanthropy and the magical outcomes yielded by personal engagement. Whether you are contemplating your personal, business, or family legacy, Susan offers structure and guidance to help you Take Action, Find Results, and Feel Empowered and Live Purposefully.

You have made such a difference in my approach to ‘giving.’ Thanks for enlightening me!
— Sheila O'Connell, Foundation Donor & Volunteer

RETIRING with Philanthropy

The Philanthropy Formula makes it possible for any person to create meaningful and lasting change locally or globally.  Engaging in philanthropy offers powerful synergy especially for retiring executives who want something meaningful to 'do.' Charitable organizations need your expertise and person-power to accomplish Vision and Mission. Using the Formula, you can find your Philanthropic Passion, and create a meaningful legacy with a worthy organization. It's a win-win.

working with philanthropy

Susan's Philanthropy Formula helps advisors connect with clients in a subject area where they say they want guidance! Most clients want to make impact and to craft and realize their philanthropic dreams. Susan first shares this tool with advisors to guide them toward their own personal Philanthropic Passion; her work connects you personally and powerfully to loyal clients. 

When advisors have their own experience in creating their philanthropic vision and have asked and answered the question: "What will my legacy be?" they are able to work with clients in a more meaningful, personal and impactful way, forming unique bonds with current and prospective clients that help to strengthen existing ties and establish new relationships.

Advisors use Susan's proven method to set themselves and their services apart by bringing her in as a coach for themselves personally, as a speaker for a customer appreciation session, and/or to conduct a Legacy Workshop with a family, or with a small group of clients.


Your needs, interests and desired outcomes will be explored in a Discovery Call. Outcomes and Fees are customized and sent in a proposal within two days of the call.

Minimum Engagement Fees apply, please contact Susan personally to discuss--there is never any obligation from a discussion!

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