GREAT WAY TO START A CONVERSATION [the NEW most effective marketing tool in your kit] WITH YOUR CLIENTS OR CUSTOMERS!

"What a great marketing opportunity! I'm always looking to start a meaningful conversation with my women clients & customers. What better way than to offer engaging and thoughtful content that will get them thinking differently about life?" [Financial Services professional]

A MAHM PARTY RIGHT IN YOUR WORK SPACE...in your conference room during lunch or after hours, in your shop [move aside the rounders!], in your break room...anywhere you have space for ten or more women to gather, connect, explore and grow!

These parties will be engaging, interactive experiences-no lecture here!-with energetic thoughtful discussion and tools shared about the topics in the book-Mind, Body, Soul, Prosperity Consciousness, and Legacy [How do I want to be remembered? How will I be remembered?!].

Parties may be overall intro/a bit of it all, or topic-specific if one topic appeals to a host and her tribe. A minimum of one-hour is necessary to invite the audience up on the carpet and start the magic ride. For the bravest Hot Mommas, I'm happy to plan a two or three hour magic carpet experience with you-to offer your guests a mind-bending trip of a lifetime, how fun is that?!


Contact me at 518.495.4573 to discuss-there's never any obligation when you connect personally, it's just a conversation. Already looking forward!