Those eyes. Your eyes. Look into them, what do you see?
-Connected to self-energy
-Confident in your own skin
-Prosperous Mindset
-Healthy Life/Style
— Here's to living a self-fulfilled and purposeful second half!

I'M A MIDDLE AGED HOT MOMMA. There, I said it.

If you've landed here, you're likely a woman age 45+ or a younger woman facing the dreaded 'middle age.' Either way: You're in good company! 

I became 'old' way too young. I've been responsible, serious and 'on track' since I was 14. My boyfriend of 5 years and I decided to finally get married because we were acting like an old married couple anyway [happily we both broke through to middle aged hotness, now happier than we've ever been].

After years of watching my fit husband go to the gym for 5+ days a week and eat cauliflower for snack, I launched both daughters [c'mon, we know Momma is the one who really launches the kids, no?] and had my own breakthrough to hotness [with the help of my personal trainer daughter!]. I'm now fitter than ever, happier than ever, more spiritual and make more impact every single day than the last two decades combined. And, I have more Confidence than ever that I am on the RIGHT track now [not just on the track].

It's a whole thing.

...that I'm going to be writing about in my new book: Middle Aged Hot Momma. It's My Turn Now. Yes! You can have a self-fulfilled and purposeful second half.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN BEING ON THE LAUNCH TEAM FOR THE BOOK, receiving a free e-copy in return for a written review, EM ME RIGHT AWAY AT SUSAN@CONFIDENT-LIFE.COM subject: LAUNCH TEAM [Publication date: late summer, 2018].

If you are a middle-aged+ woman with resources, and you are looking to do something meaningful this year, I AM HAPPY TO DISCUSS OFFERING YOU A BOOK SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITY for this book/launch. A whole wacky/wild/wonderful ride, I can promise you that it will fill your weeks with joy. This is NOT a donation to a nonprofit, it could be a business endeavor for you [if related to your biz], or simply an amazing personal endeavor that will bring purpose to your days, meaning to your money and the knowledge that you are using your current resources to uplift future generations of women. EM ME RIGHT AWAY AT SUSAN@CONFIDENT-LIFE.COM subject: BOOK SPONSORSHIP. [sponsorship levels start at $18,000 and includes Personal Coaching for you.]

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

IF YOU GOT THIS FAR, YOU GO GIRL! [I want to say 'You Go Woman' but the expression is 'You Go Girl' so....]

VERY SPECIAL REALLY GOOD FANTASTICO OFFER: I developed the MIDDLE AGED HOT MOMMA PARTY [aka MAHM workshop] and I launched in Sedona, AZ!

book signing2.jpg

Signing books for Middle Aged Hot Momma workshop launch!

In Sedona, AZ


If you want to bring a Middle Aged Hot Momma Party to your community or to your women's group/book club/sister circle or where ever your middle aged women friends are hanging out, text me now and let's get it set up-you'll be included in my next book and on this site as a Pioneer! My travel and accommodations need to be covered and participants will be charged $100 each [a small fee even to be just included in a women's group calling themselves HOT, no?!]. That fee will exponentially expand once the new book is published.


Here's my defining MIDDLEAGEDHOTMOMMA selfie....what do you think? OH WAIT....I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU THINK!!




You raised your kids [they're launched!], you grew your career [you're bored] and ...NOW WHAT? You're looking for purpose and passion in your second half? Get your mind out of the gutter! Passion comes in many stripes--stick with your partner or yourself and find passion around LEGACY. This book will cover mind, body, soul, prosperity consciousness and legacy. Get ready to do the work with many questions and Tools! 


Built in to everything related to this endeavor will be a Tithe to support organizations serving to empower, teach, inspire and uplift girls or women. My goal is to grow a fund and offer micro-gifts to motivated women facing tough times and to organizations that just need that little bit to do a lot more, and other creative and inspired opportunities that come along. I'll be looking for them! If you have anyone or anything to recommend, please let me know at:! Working together, you can make the impact you've dreamed of to make our world a better place.

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Imagine the Possibilities! Can YOU live a Confident-Life™?