Going from Confidence to Calm...Your Job is to Be

If you are one of the privileged people in the world who can take a breath upon awakening, open your eyes and see your bedside lamp, put your feet on the floor by yourself, stand and walk to the bathroom, afford a toothbrush to start your day in good health...your job is just to be. In awareness of your blessings. In awe of the miracle you awake to each morning.

What are the stops on the journey of your life that brought you to this miraculous day? Every stop, every moment shaped this ‘you.’ What is good in your life today, in this moment? It stems in part from overcoming the obstacles of your past. Your obstacles, the stones over which you stumbled or even fell, became the stepping stones to this moment. Turn around, look back; see the path you trod...Unsure? Insecure? Afraid? Yet here you are in this moment, breathing still; in growing awareness...AHHH...that’s why, That’s why, THAT’S WHY.

How do you choose to continue your journey? Perhaps with eyes open now, knowing there will be more stones, more gates to enter, more hills to climb, more oceans to cross—on the way to Where? Where are you going? What is so important ‘there’? Why not HERE. NOW. You will always be on your way somewhere. Honestly, friend, the place that you’re ‘going to’ is just death-the ultimate place to be, the final resting-a blessing! When you get there, will you have been patient? Kind? Compassionate? Generous? Loving? Productive? None of these costs money! Already you have everything you need to be exactly ‘there.’ If you are aware.

I want to encourage you to see the journey as this step now, and the next; being mindfully present in this moment. Being in awareness of the beauty of this moment, in awareness of being OK with the challenges, meeting each head on knowing they make you stronger, surer and that each leads you gently along. For a moment, now, leave the doing, breathe and just be.

Become aware of your breath, then your body, then your mind, then your thoughts. What are the thoughts you choose to think? Your thoughts are 100% in your control! Take control of your thoughts through breathing, through quiet, nature, art, prayer, meditation, journaling, visioning, spending time with animals, children, the elderly.... any of these methods will begin to bring clarity and joy to your life. Despite [or because of?] the stumbles, the obstacles, the chaos. If you are in awareness of your breath, your blessings, you will find clarity and light. This will  permit focus-a magic trick to pull out of your hat, no doubt with the chaos of life. If you Desire it, then you will Focus. If you Focus on it, you will See. If you See it, you can Experience it. 

The choice is yours, what are the thoughts you choose to think? Your job is to be.