Going from Confidence to Calm...Windows To Your Soul

Is your Soul suffering? Are you aware of it? If you feel unclear, or that you lack focus or direction, it’s likely that you are feeling soul-disconnect.

In the first decade, we’re Super Girl, hands on hips with an ‘I CAN’ attitude. In the second decade, something happens. A shroud of mystery around blossoming womanhood, societal expectations, hormonal infusion and for many, a slow march to an externalized proclivity. How do I look, what does s/he think of me, why am I different from others, and the sway of the multi-hundred billion beauty industry assails our every sense. In the third decade, the ‘I have to’ starts. Whether growing a family or a career, whether partnered or alone, there’s deeply internalized pressure to get it right, get it done, do it now. I have to…I have to…I have to.

Along the way, we become disconnected from our Soul, the strong, self-loving, spiritually-filled girl-child in us whose bright eyes see clearly, with purpose and love. By the fourth decade, you start yearning for ‘more than this.’ As a coach, often I hear ‘I know I’m so lucky, but I feel empty inside.’ Also, me…before I started my trek to a conscious existence that took my entire fourth decade. Then, I suffered for the onset of my 50th year, and now five years later, I feel free and connected.

I’ve learned and now teach others the tools which help you see; Windows to the Soul.

Prayer is the most obvious soul-connection; but if you pray, do you actually feel the linking with your Soul, with Gd? My own prayer-practice started with just attempting to clear my mind [heroic effort!], then moving to conquer a meditative space, then breaking through a fear-barrier of the greatest unknown [Is there a Gd?] to find prayer. Honestly, I don’t ‘get there’ every time, but I know what it feels like now so I know where I’m heading.

Creativity is a multi-faceted gem offering your own formation, through your own senses and life experience to feel, find and connect. There are countless creative outlets you can use. You do not have to be ‘an Artist’ to construct the most fabulous creation of simple beauty to help you ascend.

Nature beguiles; its beauty and power can wrap you in an awe that can astonish the mind and spirit. From the simple acorn turned oak, to the colossal pounding of never-ending surf; from a cool breeze on a hot face to the phenomenon of a green leaf turning red, nature offers limitless opportunity to connect to your own Soul.

Song soothes and song stimulates. Have you felt it? Whether attending your first rock concert as a teen with the pounding base and exhilarating music making your heart rush, or from a heartrending melody bringing tears to your eyes from its mournful rhythm…music can heal and help you connect more deeply than you can imagine.

To gain clarity in your life, choose any or all windows, clean them, open your eyes and look through to see your Soul, swaying, dancing, creating in joy on the other side.