Who am I?

Who am I to think my words can inspire or support or uplift others?

Just one. Just one person in this world with a deep desire to lovingly support others, meet them exactly where they are, see them, hear them, support them and uplift them.

It's you I'm speaking to: I see you. I hear your plea. I am here for you. I support your desire and goal to be your best self. I support that desire.  AND....our world needs you to excel at that goal.

Over the decade of my 40's, I found my own voice. And I started speaking. People listened, and heard me. Via LinkedIn, I was approached by someone from Sibella Publications asking if I was interested in applying to become a Contributing Writer for a new global magazine: Luminous Wisdom: SOPHIA. I was stunned. I asked myself: "Who am I?"

I did what I ask my coaching clients to do: I breathed. I reminded myself: people don't  usually hire or involve others for failure, right? If they're offering you an opportunity, they believe you can be successful and will bring them success, too [pay attention college grads and anyone in career transition].

I was elated. Then skeptical: oh, they must just want money. [They did]. But, before I simply dismissed it, I thought, I researched, and I evaluated: How much money do they want? How much do I have? What is the ratio of this spending to furthering my own goals/desires? Momentarily, I knew. The ratio was perfect. The amount they asked for-for advertising-was an amount I was willing to pay. A perfect match. I applied; waited; and was accepted.

"CONGRATULATIONS ARE IN ORDER FOR YOU TODAY!!! The EDITORS read your initial article submission and to put it quite simply ... THEY LOVED IT!!!"

I will be using my blog this year to share my articles with you-The theme is:

Going from Confidence to Calm

While the magazine is 'for women,' the articles I write are relevant to men and women, young and old. Please feel free to share this thoughtful content with others.

Let's commit, together, to supporting each other and uplifting others.