Stepping Out

Is it time for me to do this? Isn’t it too late, at the older side of middle-age, to step out into the spotlight? Or, is now the exact time? Exactly the time for me, for my family, for those who would hear me and for our world? Is it your time, too?

Every step I have taken has led me to this time, this moment. And you, every step you have taken has brought you exactly here. How does one do it? Step into the biggest moment of your life? I say ‘life,’ not ‘business’ because the world I have created for myself is integrated. Life, work, play; play, work, life-it is all in a day for me. When better, then? When calm integration has sunk in, when purpose and focus mesh; when the very spirits themselves whisper into my ear: “I speak through you.” It is time to step out, out of the comfort zone, out of the space of least resistance.

Into what? Into community? Into the world? The sky? No, it’s the ether. It’s the ether; the atmosphere, the very air we breathe. When you find your clearest breath, it goes all the way down to your toes, it shoots down further anchoring in the earth, firmly planted-implanted really-to ground you as you step out. What is the expression? ‘Leap and the net shall appear’? Yes! It feels like stepping out onto the air and believing, knowing that the earth will rise to meet your foot. There is no alternative, you must step out, mindset transformed!

You tried staying in, staying in your small, cramped space; the Yearning crouched down deep inside you, hidden from the light. But she grew impatient, she kept trying to stretch and felt the bubble keeping her encased.  She sat back and thought, “Maybe my place is here, maybe I should stay quiet here.” But no! No, she threw up her arms, she stretched more and more, as far out as she could and she broke through the bubble. No longer encased, she rose floating up and out, gasping for air. Free, mindset transformed, life forever changed. It is time to Step Out.

She is you; you are now, it is time. Time to step out. It is her time, it is your time, it is our time. The world needs each of us to find our voice, to allow our deepest Yearning to break free and make the impact we are destined to make with the Divine gifts given us. Is there anything else? Could there be anything else? Yes, there could be silence, suffering, yearning deep within; there could be life mildly lived, joy diminished, love scorned.

Or, there could be ecstasy! A clear breath, an easy mind, a joy-filled state of being and soul-connection with those in the orbit around you. Choose this. Step out.