Discovering Soul Through Super SoulPowers

Are you soul-connected? Or, soul-disconnected?

Like a diamond buried deep in the earth, your soul waits to be discovered and extracted, the rock layers chipped away, the gem within cut and polished to a gleaming treasure, its facets glittering in the light with each turn.  Your soul is multifaceted and so valuable; invaluable, really. Each surface smooth and gleaming, light rays shining through. And unlimited! Our soul has personas made up of every experience we’ve had, every person who has touched our lives, every thought that has been ‘thunk’ and every feeling that has been felt. Your soul is on-point, on-purpose and on-call; there for the asking, to support your best life at any minute. BUT, as with a diamond that must be mined, so too, must our soul be painstakingly uncovered.

Doing this takes superhero power! [You know I’m right.] To fight against complacency, lethargy, apathy, overwhelm, anger, sadness and the hardest fight of all, fear. When you are suffering, sometimes it takes heroic effort to rise above it all. To help you get there, to uncover your soul’s yearning to feel peace, your soul’s desire to ‘come out,’ imagine yourself as that superhero, with super powers to help you get connected.

I call them Super SoulPowers™. The first one is Love [doesn’t everything start with love?], and the others emanate out from there. There is a priority order, each one builds from the kernel of the first, mightiest power:

Super SoulPower #1: Love. Love for yourself, your best efforts and intentions, and for the failures, too. And, love of others, unconditional love; but not the kind that deprecates or subjugates yourself. When you love yourself, you can live in

Super SoulPower #2: Truth. Get quiet, go in and deep; listen. What do you hear? Use your breath to get focused and get even quieter. Listen again, what do you hear now? Your soul will speak your Truth. When you live in Truth, you can find

Super SoulPower #3: Forgiveness. Not forgiveness of others, though that is a nice thing to do; forgiveness of yourself. Forgiving yourself your failures, your ineptitude and any other self-hating attributes you heap on your own head. When you’ve forgiven yourself your frailty, you can feel

Super SoulPower #4: Gratitude. Gratitude for love, for quiet, for truth, for all that you are, and for all that you have. Gratitude to self, to self-acclaim, and of course, gratitude to the greatest universal source, for life. When you feel Gratitude, then you can achieve

Super SoulPower #5: Positivity. This tangible scientifically-proven power can transform your thoughts and your being. It offers the final connection to joy. Once you can feel joy, you can find calm.

And, when you are calm-no matter the circumstances of your life, your soul shines, you are soul-connected.