There is more than one way.

There is more than one way.

Is your way the ‘right’ way?

Could it be there is more than one way?

Could it be that my way is good for me, your way is good for you, and her way is good for her?

Is it possible that ‘ways’ can ebb and flow, weave and bob, and all be ‘right’?

Traveling can open your eyes to the ways of others. But what if you can’t travel? [I can’t afford it, I don’t have time; I don’t have child/pet-care; my job/charity/parents need me]

Then find ways right where you are. Look for people who are different, they may look different, eat/pray/love differently, even think different thoughts; they are there, right beside you.

Why is this important? …To open your heart to the ways of others.

We must. We are living evolution. We are in it. We are it. It is happening. It is now.

The entire universe at your fingertips; life evolving in microscopic moments. Yet, our hearts remain closed; secure in the “I/Me/Mine.”

What if we open our eyes/ears/hearts to the possibility that there are many ways?

Will I become diluted? Will I drown? Will I get lost? You don’t have to. Go ahead—be sure, be secure in your way. And…

Realize that if you don’t ‘open,’ then you will close-up/close-in, shrivel and die [mentally, spiritually, emotionally].

Open your mind & heart to the possibility of ‘other’ and you will grow more worldly, breathe easier, love heartier and live a more expansive existence. Don’t be afraid. Grow.